Distance Learning

We have planned for distance learning to take place to allow students to continue their educational experience during this period of closure/partial closure.

Years 7 and 8

Students must complete the work set by each subject teacher. They should make notes of concepts they do not understand so when they return to school, teachers can clarify the work

Years 9 and 10

All work set enables students to make progress with their studies and GCSE and BTEC courses. Work is set through Google Classroom and student must complete the work to the best of their ability.

Students are able to communicate with staff directly as well making notes of concepts they do not understand so that when they return to school, teachers can clarify the work.

Year 11

Revision materials and new learning are attached to this page. Students are encouraged to study and cover work/content which is appropriate for their next stage/s of learning.

Student safety and well-being

Student safety and well-being remains our number one priority and since we have had to close/partial close we have providing you with a plethora of information and resources in order to keep our students safe. This can be found on the final page of the students work, which can all be accessed through the relevant links shown at the bottom of this page.

Whilst we are aware from school and students use of the internet is increasing, it is useful to stay aware of how to ensure that your child is staying safe online. Within each year groups area you will find guidance from Havering in terms of Digital Safety during Covid-19.

Communicating with staff

You will find email addresses of all staff members on the tab entitled 'Staff emails'. Please direct specific question to your subject teacher who respond and support accordingly. Your Head of Year can also offer support and guidance.