Sanders Draper School is dedicated to ensuring that our students flourish academically and are prepared for life beyond school.

As part of this we all have a vital role in promoting and reinforcing British values and equality to our students allowing them to become well- rounded members of our local and wider community.

We are committed to an ethos and culture of inclusion in our school for all pupils, irrespective of race, religion/belief, political views, disability, SEN status, gender, gender identity (e.g. transgender) and / or sexual orientation (LGBTQ+).

Sanders Draper school is an inclusive school where we focus on the well-being and progress of all our students and where all members of our school community are of equal worth. We recognise, respect and value difference and understand that diversity is a strength that enriches our lives. We take account of differences and strive to remove any barriers to learning and development.

Upcoming events

-June will see us celebrating Pride month as well as Windrush Day on June 22nd .