School Rewards System

Rewards, Praise and Positive Recognition

We believe that praise and reward are great motivators in helping students to make positive choices about their behaviour and wider attitude to learning. We believe that all students should be rewarded for their good effort and achievement in all aspects of school life.

ALL rewards at Sanders Draper should celebrate excellence or significant improvement in the following areas:



-Positive behaviour that enhances learning

-Work completed in class 


-Contribution to the school and wider community

- Working as a team 

How we Reward

Head of Year will celebrate achievement, attendance and success at each and every assembly. The Pastoral team for each year group works with all staff to identify students worthy of praise or reward regularly basis. Certificates, rewards and postcards are given out to all year groups at least half-termly in assembly. 

The following rewards are available for use by all staff:

Alongside this, each Head of Year has their own dedicated plan for rewarding students in their year group

Additional Awards and Celebratory Events:

The following rewards are also regularly bestowed upon students who go the extra mile to support the work of the school and wider community, or who excel in working to be the best that they can be:

Sanders Draper delights in celebrating the achievements and endeavour of its students. The following events are celebratory highlights in the school year:

Annual Awards Event at Sanders Draper: The Annual Awards Evening is a much valued, key event in the calendar for celebrating students’ success. This will include awards for the following: Teamwork and Hard Work in subject areas, HoY Award and our special Sanders Draper Award.