Sanders Draper Day - 24th March

Wednesday the 24th March 2021 marks the 78th anniversary of Sanders Draper’s death.

Our community is very familiar with the story of Raimund Sanders Draper and the bravery he showed; we honour and pay tribute to Sanders Draper for the sacrifice he made and the heroism he showed on this very special day.

No one will ever know for sure what was going through Sanders Drapers mind back in 1943 as he took his plane down, but it is believed that in a split second he made a decision to not try and save himself by attempting to land his plane and risk hitting the school, instead he took his plane down into the school field to have the best chance of saving the lives of others.

This truly was an act of heroism and at 10.45am, we will all fall silent for two minutes to reflect on this sacrifice. We encourage other to do the same.

This year we are very lucky to have been able to interview one of the last surviving pupils who was present at our school on the day the plane crashed; Tom Fitch who is 91 years old and his video account can be found below.

To mark the day, we have a series of events as well as our students exploring the idea of ‘Everyday Heroes’ through their Ethics and Values lessons, a whole school assembly and messages from our students, our local MP Julia Lopez and Headteacher Mr Brooks, all of which can be viewed below.

We thank you for your continued support and hope you can enjoy our celebrations on this day and we thank you for your support in encouraging our students to be everyday heroes in all that they do.