Year Nine Options

In Year 9 you and your child will make their guided choices. It is important that, through this process, your child considers their enjoyment of different subjects and their suitability of studying various subjects, as advised by their subject teacher/s.

At Sanders Draper we run three pathways for our Year 9 students. Students are placed on the appropriate and most relevant pathway for them based on prior attainment and performance; all pathways include some compulsory subjects, alongside which, students select a suitable number of option subjects.

The information in the booklet linked below outlines the subject content for both the compulsory and optional subjects on offer at Sanders Draper. We encourage students and parents/carers to read the information carefully and ensure that you understand what the course looks like, both in terms of subject content and methods of assessment.

We offer opportunities for you to ask questions regarding the different subject courses on offer during the year 9 consultation evening. Following on from this session students then have the chance to indicate their initial option choices.

The EBacc pathway  is incorporated into our options pathway to allow for students to have a challenging curriculum. This allows students to be prepared to face the global challenges in the current UK workforce.

1 - Week beginning 6th Feb 2023 

Week of assemblies by Subject Leaders.

2 -Week beginning 27th February 2023

Students receive their pathway and the options booklet during a parents meeting on 1st March 2023.

3- Week beginning 6th March 2023 

Online options form open.  Students will complete these in school.

4 -Week beginning 27th March 2023

All forms checked and completed.  Parents are sent a letter confirming the choices made.

5- Week beginning 17th April 2023

Parents to be contacted if students have not made appropriate option choices or if option choices are not running. 

6 - Week beginning 24th April 2023

Students to be met regarding suitability of their choices. 

7 - Week beginning 9th June 2023

Following a staffing review, the option blocks will be decided and all students and parents will be informed.