Overview of our House system

Overview of The House System at Sanders Draper School.

At Sanders Draper, we are a proud school with a proud history and our House System reflects this. 


The House System at Sanders Draper school directly links our school values and  the history of the school and local community.  To provide our students with appropriate and positive role models and further develop their understanding of their own skills, qualities and responsibilities to our school and local community.

Houses are based on key figures from the local community and history. There is a strong connection between WW2, the RAF and wider military. This is due to our ties to Raimund Sanders Draper and Hornchurch RAF. All staff, students and the local community took an active role in voting for our 5 house heroes; Caldwell, Eke, Fisher, King and Lock.

All students are attached to a ‘House’ as a form group and throughout their time at Sanders Draper they will remain in this house and participate in an array of events and competitions. There is a form group for each house in each year.

All house figures exemplify our school values of: Resilience, Achievement and Family.

Progression and building on our House Heroes.

Throughout the academic year we will be reflecting on other Heroes, other than those who represent each house. This will be part of the 'Hero Project'. It will involve all students who will be reflecting on the qualities of a 'Hero' and considering their own actions as young people within our school and wider communities.

The focus areas for each year group will be as follows

Year 7 - Heroes involved in the RAF and our war efforts - looking at other local Heroes and those within the wider team of The RAF.

Year 8 - Heroes from Havering - Looking at Heroes from Havering both historical and current.

Year 9 - Heroes from around the World - Looking at Heroes from around the world and considering how we are 'Global Citizens'.

Year 10 - Heroes from my family and friends - Looking at how those within our own families and friends can be role models for us.

Year 11 - How I am a hero - Focusing on what actions each individual student must take to be their own hero, recognising these skills and qualities required within themselves.

The House system will be at the very heart of all that we do.

Celebration and achievement:

House boards - On entrance into the school you will be greeted by the 5 house banners and two leaderboards, one for attendance and the other achievement. These boards are updated weekly to celebrate students' success and achievement. These are located outside the main school hall.

Every faculty hosts a house competition each term. These will vary between projects that fit into the curriculum as well as extra curricular events. These will be advertised on social media, as well as around the school. Once again students' success in these events is always celebrated. Each faculty has a display board dedicated to house events.

Inter House sports day- This summer we will be celebrating our first inter house sports day. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to come together and compete against each other in an array of sports. Aswell as individual events there will be group events and events for students who just want to enjoy playing and getting involved.

As a school we value ourselves on providing students with opportunities to prepare for life beyond Sanders Draper School. One way we do this is through developing their leadership and communication skills. We currently have many leadership roles within the school including student voice, prefects and diversity leaders. This summer will be adding to this with house captains. These individuals will encompass all the values of the house heroes and be strong role models for their peers.