School Uniform

We believe that our students should wear their school uniform with pride.

We remind students that whilst they are wearing the Sanders School uniform they represent the school, their peers, the staff and whole school community.

We will not tolerate incorrect or incomplete uniform and we have a policy in place to effectively challenge this.

Blazers must be worn in the building.

Tie to be worn at all times.

The regulations on this page are intended as a guide to a uniform standard that supports the school's ethos. We cannot legislate for changes in fashion. We must rely on the common sense and support of parents and students in these matters. However, we reserve the right to have the final decision on the question of uniform

If a student attends school wearing incorrect uniform then this will be challenged.

We will provide spare shoes to students. We expect them to wear these if they do not have the correct shoes in school.

General Regulations


  • Make-up is not allowed in Years 7-9
  • Discreet make-up may be worn in Years 10 and 11
  • Any hair colour should be subtle, in natural​ tones. Hair should be of a reasonable or appropriate length, with skin (scalp) not readily visible.
  • Acrylic/stick on/nail varnish other than clear are NOT allowed in school and a uniform detention will be set if worn.


  • A single plain stud in any ear lobe is allowed. The wearing of other jewellery is not permitted.

Outdoor coats:

  • Coats not to be worn in the school building. No hoodies are allowed in school – if an outer coat is required then a coat is allowed. No hoods to be worn on school site unless weather permitting. Denim is not seen as a suitable fabric to be worn for school.


  • Boots are not allowed to be worn. Shoes should be plain leather and black in colour, they should be office wear suitable (canvas shoes are not permitted)


  • These are only to be worn for Physical Education lesson or changed into at break/lunch and whilst playing sport

Students are expected to conform to the Uniform Regulations on their way to and from school, and at lunchtimes.

Physical Education

There is an optional school track-suit that students can wear in lessons (when appropriate). No other track-suit is acceptable. Shin-pads, gum-shields and towels are required too. All kit should be labelled with the student's name.

Failure to bring the correct kit will result in a sanction.