Important Skills

KS3 Business Topic 3 Lesson 11 - CV Writing

How should you write a CV?

This lesson - originally delivered in Year 9, will help give you a better idea of how to write a CV when applying for jobs etc.

Session 4 Tutor plan - Skills you need for work

What are the main skills you need for the world of work?

This presentation from Pixl will help give you a better idea of the skills required to be successful in a wide range of career paths.

Essential Employability Skills - Royal Liberty.mp4

Essential employability skills

This video will inform of you of the key skills employers are looking for when they advertise positions in their companies.

Duration: 30 minutes

Interview Skills - Royal Liberty.mp4

Interview Skills

This video will inform you of correct interview etiquette as well as introducing you to the ways in which companies hire new staff has changed in recent years.

Duration: 37 minutes

How to write CVs and personal statements

Click on a link in the document below to look into the key aspects of good CVs and personal statements.

Writing CVs and Personal Statements

Barclays Life Skills

This website has lots of useful information and tools that will help you prepare for many aspects of your later lives.

Click the image to find out more.