"At Sanders Leaders are ambitious, passionate and driven ... Students enjoy their learning and teachers choose tasks and ways of

learning that interest them. Expectations are high " Havering School Improvement Review March 2020

We are delighted that you are considering Sanders School and would recommend you find a few quiet moments to read all about our school on our website. The school currently has a non-selective admissions policy. Admissions follow Government and local authority criteria using proximity to the school and the existence of siblings already on roll as the initial factors in guaranteeing admission. Our intake number is 150 students as of September 2019.

Applications for all school places must be made on the application form provided by the Havering Local Authority, with the opportunity to nominate schools, ranked in order of preference. The Havering Local Authority will then notify parent(s)/carer(s) of the outcome of their application for a place. Applications must be made online and information in relation to this can be found at:

The Havering School Admissions Team manage the In-Year application process on behalf of Sanders School alongside all other schools in Havering. You must therefore apply following the In-Year process set out via

The Admissions Secretary, Mrs White, would be very happy to take your call on any aspect or issue pertaining to the admissions' process and can direct questions to relevant members of staff. Mrs White can be contacted on 01708 443068 or by email at

New Admissions

For admissions to years 7 to 11 you can apply via the Local Authority online or contact Mrs White on 01708 443068.

School Admissions Team, London Borough of Havering, 9th Floor Mercury House, Mercury Gardens, Romford, Essex, RM1 3SL

Tel: 01708 434600 Fax: 01708 434284 Email:

Open evening and school tours

Thank you for your interest in Sanders School , we are delighted that you are considering sending your child here.

If you are interested in visiting the school for a tour please make contact with reception, we would be delighted to welcome you and your child and show you all that Sanders Draper has to offer.

We are hoping that in September 2021 we will be able to offer a normal Open Evening and further information will appear on our website in regards to this.

“I am proud to be a member of Sanders and understand we are all working together as one team to be successful” Year 9 student

Can I direct you to our page on School visits, Open Evening and further information, where you will find a wealth of information about life at Sanders including

-Open evening video

-Head teachers talk

-Virtual tour

-A introduction talk from each of our Heads of Faculty

-Our approach to Raising Standards

-Videos from our Student President and Deputies

-Videos of our students

All of this can be accessed by clicking the link below

“They provide pastoral and practical support for children who are worried about anxiety, depression and other concerns. The team are well aware of the social and

cultural pressures on the children, they recognise the lack of parental understanding and confusing role models for some children. The clear aim is de-escalation,

keeping children focused on day to day life and the positives they experience.” Havering Borough 175 Safeguarding Audit September 2019.