Senior Leadership

Mr Brooks - Headteacher

Mr Brooks has worked in two outstanding schools in different London local authorities. From his experience in both, he knows that a successful and happy school depends on all of us working together. He believes we need to work with the whole community as we strive for greater success for all our students. Mr Brooks has strong educational values and principles based around high expectations, hard work and respect. Mr Brooks is incredibly proud to be the Headteacher of Sanders where every member of the school community works together to create a caring and safe environment to ensure everyone can achieve and celebrate success.

Mrs King - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs King is an experienced member of the Senior Leadership Team who joined in September 2019. She is responsible for attainment and outcomes across the school and leads our Raising Standards team. She strategically plans the use of Pupil Premium funding to support the progress of disadvantaged students. She is extremely passionate and driven to ensure every student succeeds. She line manages the SENDCo, English and Maths Faculty along with the ICT and data/exams officer.

Ms Nicholson - Deputy Headteacher

Ms Nicholson joined Sanders as an NQT and has developed and progressed through a range of roles and responsibilities. Ms Nicholson is currently responsible for all matters pastoral, including safeguarding within the school and is passionate about creating an environment in which students can progress and develop with confidence. Ms Nicholson also leads on our student mental health drive. Ms Nicholson line manages all Heads of Year, safeguarding staff and French faculty.

Mrs Sharma - Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Sharma joined Sanders in April 2019. She has a real passion and interest in English and understands the importance and value of education for our children. She is currently responsible for all aspects of Teaching and Learning and is passionate about equipping students with the skills needed in our rapidly changing world. Mrs Sharma line managed our Professional Tutor as well as line managing the Humanities and PE faculty. She continues to love teaching English to the Sanders students and celebrating with them their many successes.

Mrs Shread - Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Shread holds a doctorate in science and has worked at Sanders for many years. She is an exceptional teacher who plays an important part in the Raising Standards team driving up outcomes and standards across the school. Mrs Shread understands and values the importance of developing the students beyond the classroom, leading on careers to ensure students in all year groups are given guidance on the next steps in their education and future careers. She also oversees student leadership and ensures that their voice is heard and acted upon. Mrs Shread line manages Science, Performing Arts and the Technology Faculty.