Local Committee and Trustees

Becoming a Parent who is a Local Committee Member (Governor)

As Parental vacancies arise, all parents and carers will be informed via email or letter.

If you are a parent or carer of a student registered at Sanders School, then you are eligible when a vacancy arises to put yourself forward.

If you are interested, it may be helpful for you to know what is involved. The commitment to the role would involve you attending meetings and undertaking training. The committee meets twice a term. All the meetings take place on a weekday evening. Training is freely available through the Local Authority and on occasions, whole committee training takes place on site.


Mr S Brooks, Headteacher

Parent Committee Members

Mrs S Morris, Term of Office: 19-Jan-24 to 19-Jan-27  

Mrs C Shayle, Term of Office: 19-Jan-24 to 19-Jan-27 

Trust appointed Committee Members

Mr R Cunningham, (Chair) Term of Office: 25-Jan-23 to 25-Jan-27

Mr W Barley, (Vice Chair) Term of Office: 28-Sept-23 to 28-Sep-26

Mrs L Pomfrett, Term of Office: 12-July-21 to 12-July-25

Mr E Odejimi, Term of Office: 31-January-23 to 31-January-27

Mr A Lotay, Term of Office: 27-February-23 to 26-February-27

Mr T Carter, Term of Office: 22-March-23 to 22-March-27

Staff Committee Member

Mr A Hagley, Term of Office: 18-Oct-23 to 17-Oct-26