Student leadership

Our Presidential Student team

Being part of the Student Leadership Team is a distinct accolade that shows each individual chosen portrays the core values of: Teamwork, Hard work & Transparency that we strive to achieve here at Sanders Draper. 

It is our collective duty to be outstanding role models which the lower school students can aspire to.

Upon becoming a Prefect, it is an honour to wear the prestigious black tie, making us easily identifiable around the school.

As has been our current trend the school has the benefit of not one, but two Presidents, which means double the effort, determination and commitment to maintain the high standards set by the school.

Our presidents 

As presidents of the school we are aiming to take a student centered approach to future decision making. This will allow students to feel heard and share ideas that will improve their schooling experience. We aim to do this by creating a student fund and working closely with student voice to achieve this goal. We will raise money for the student fund by organising termly sales, which will be ran by our prefect team and deputies.  

We aim to reflect the values of resilience, achievement and family in our work and everyday in our roles as Presidents. Also, we aspire to be role models to younger members of our school community and show what they can achieve by working hard.  For us, the role of president is an opportunity to give back to our school community. Thank you for reading and we are sincerely looking forward to helping everybody reach their full potential.

Amy & Macie