Student leadership

Our Presidential Student team

Being part of the Student Leadership Team is a distinct accolade that shows each individual chosen portrays the core values of: Teamwork, Hard work & Transparency that we strive to achieve here at Sanders Draper.

It is our collective duty to be outstanding role models which the lower school students can aspire to.

Upon becoming a Prefect, it is an honour to wear the prestigious black tie, making us easily identifiable around the school.

Uniquely this year, the school has the benefit of not one, but two Presidents, which means double the effort, determination and commitment to maintain the high standards set by the school.

The four Prefect Working Parties which the Presidents and Vice President oversee are: 1) Teaching & Learning, 2) Careers & Colleges, 3) Wider Curriculum and 4) Well-Being. We will be implementing various projects across the school with the help of the Prefect Working Parties.

For us, being Presidents is a chance to be able to give back to our wonderful school community! We look forward to helping everyone along their journey and to become the best version of themselves.

Presidents = Madison & Eva

Vice President = Jasmine

Teaching and Learning

This group works alongside the teaching staff at Sanders Draper School to ensure that students are learning to their full potential. We aim to listen to the voices of students to see what we can achieve in making your learning experience the best it can be!

Deputy leader: Mia

Staff: Rebekah, Josh, Jake, Mankiret, Brooke, Georgia

Careers and College

This group is mainly based in the library, we help with people's career paths and choices they'd like to make after Sanders Draper.

We aim to help people pick the best choice for themselves and their career paths, whether that be with helping year 9s with their GCSE options or providing KS4 with advice on their future professions they'd like to pursue.

We also aim to organise open days for colleges you would like to go to.

Deputy leader: Izzy

Staff: Joe, Ola, Charlotte, Alisha, Isla, Govind

Wider Curriculum

As the wider curricular group we want to encourage students to learn outside of the classroom. We look at offering workshops, clubs and organising team building activities, which will be memorable for everyone.

If anybody has any ideas or any projects that they would like to propose to our group, we are open to ideas from the student body.

Deputy leader: Stanley

Staff: Charlie, Isabel, Bethany, Rosie, Leilani, Jack


The group's focus is to help raise awareness of both mental and physical health. We aim to help people who are struggling with mental health. We are also finding ways to educate people who don’t understand mental health about the many forms it can take. Our aim is to listen to students and help them understand how mental health can affect school learning. ~Wellbeing

Deputy leader: Rhianna

Staff: Harry, Baylie, Lexie, Rebecca G, Amy, Hafsa