Student leadership

Our Presidential Student team

As president, my role is to overlook all of the different prefect groups, talk to visitors, and be a welcoming peer to those at Sanders Draper. All prefects will always welcome you if you have any questions or things you need to talk about, and we are identified by the black Sanders School logo ties we wear.

The 4 groups in the Sanders Prefects are Wider Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, Careers and College, and Well-being - who are there to make the school a better place for us all. We often take part in organising fun activities or making a real difference in our school in the projects that we work on. Being a prefect is being a role model and standing up to out school values: Teamwork, Hard Work, and Transparency.

President Ella H

Vice President Jake B

Teaching and Learning

Our main objective is to make sure the learning process is enjoyable and helpful to all. We want to make sure that students can enjoy and learn from teaching. For example, teachers are now using blow-up microphones and beach balls that help kids to interact with the lesson. We feedback about our experiences and this is shared in staff meetings.

Leader: Jake

Members: Millie, William, Jason, Danny and Ellamae.

Careers and College

As the Careers Prefect group, we take the responsibility of helping people here at Sanders Drapers towards their destined pathway. We are planning to organise a careers booth in the library to help anyone who needs it get some ideas for their ideal job.

Leader: Grace A

Members: Emma, Keira, George, Eleas, and Lewis.

Wider Curriculum

As a group, we help to organise extra curriculum information and activities. Our team consists of hard working individuals who collectively, as a unit, work to give our fellow students the best possible clubs and events whilst still helping our community.

The group consists of our team leader Ruby Howard - along with fellow members Rahman.

Leader: Ruby

Members: Abi Cross, John Ejon-Ogwal, Alex Halls, and Aadeem


The Mental Health and Well being group focuses on educating our school community about physical and mental wellbeing. We make sure that everyone is aware of any challenges we may face during our teenage years and what we can all do to overcome them. Our aim is to support and encourage everyone that comes to Sanders Drapers to do more of what matters to them and to be more comfortable within our school community.

Leader: Albion

Members: Ellie, Millie, Scarlet, Elysia and Lewis.