Physical Education

About the Department

The PE department endeavours to offer pupils the greatest number of opportunities to enrich their lives through sport and physical activity. The department prides itself on taking part in all aspects of Physical Education and we strive to leave no pupil behind in our goal to create competent movers . We provide a curriculum that is varied and innovative with the aim for every pupil leaving Sanders with the confidence and know-how to lead a healthy active lifestyle. The department consists of four members of staff who work closely to deliver academic qualifications (GCSE PE), extra-curricular clubs and enrichment activities outside of the school gates.

What will your child learn in year seven?

In Year Seven the main aims are to develop and build on fundamental movement skills and knowledge whilst having fun and building new relationships. We incorporate a social, mental and physical outlook to physical education and endeavour to provide a curriculum that is meaningful to them. Pupils will take part in traditional team and individual sports (rugby, football, netball and table tennis) but also have the opportunity to develop their own athletic skills through personal challenges and extra-curricular activities. Furthermore, there are opportunities to develop leadership and organisational skills as well as develop an understanding of the role of nutrition in our everyday life.

Across Year Seven, pupils are taught a wide range of sports including football, netball, rounders, athletics, cricket, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, handball, trampolining and basketball.

How can learning progress throughout the classroom?

The PE department has a wide extra-curricular program which includes activities such as football, rugby, table tennis, fitness, netball, badminton, trampolining, handball, basketball and athletics. We enter both Havering and County competitions as well as holding numerous inter-school matches.

What ambassador opportunities are available to your child?

Sanders has a reputation for producing competent young leaders in Havering and hosts a Havering sports day annually. Leadership is seen as a vital transferable skill for the modern world and this is why it is a mainstay within our curriculum. We encourage a healthy and active lifestyle using a broad curriculum to widen each student’s sporting experience. Furthermore, we ensure the growth and development encourage of other personal skills such as communication, co-operation, fairness and respect.