Performing Arts

About the Department

Within Creative Arts sits Drama, Art, Textiles and Music. Mrs Bromsgrove is the Director of Creative Arts and oversees all subject areas and Teacher Drama. Mrs Hourigan Teaches Art alongside Mrs Budding, the technician. Mrs Robson Teaches Textiles to KS4 as well as working in design. Mr Yeats is the Music Teacher.

As a faculty we promote all career options that our subjects offer as well as having creative outlets for students to express themselves. The arts teach discipline, commitment, collaboration and love of culture. The Arts are proud to develop ever student as an individual in our crafts academically as well as practically. The Arts also develop each child in key life skills such as communication, collaboration, problem solving and empathy. In our faculty we are proud to teach Arts from around the world teaching culture and supporting diversity.

What will your child learn in year seven?

During year 7 Drama students explore a number of professional texts as well as exploring a range of themes and Issues. The texts studies in year 7 are GCSE approved texts from a range of key historical periods for drama. Students will learn the foundation skills to Acting and Presenting as well as developing their confidence, collaboration and interpersonal skills.

In music students will develops their musicality through hands on music making and performing. Students will learn the fundamental building blocks of musical performance, as well as study a huge array of musicians and music from different cultures and parts of the world.

Students will learn various Fine Art and Design skills, they will learn how to experiment using various materials through a variety of art methods, students will develop their literacy skills through artist discussion and interpretation along with learning to use their imagination.

How can learning progress throughout the classroom?

Students have the opportunity to join Drama club, this can mean a technical role or an acting one. Student receive many opportunities to perform thought the year including The Christmas Concert, Key Stage 3 Performance evening as well as The whole school musical. Students also have rehearsal sessions ran where they can continue to develop skills with guided support. We have some professional workshops ran from the department including Frantic Assembly Theatre workshops, Dave Godin Lighting and SFX make up all as extra opportunities. Theatre trips to London or local theatres for students are ran throughout the year.

Over the past years this has included Annie, Fiddler on the Roof, Aladdin and The Lion King. Students have the opportunity to develop their musical ability in various clubs including choir, rock band, orchestra, ukulele and many opportunities to receive additional support and guidance on an instrument.

Art students will learn how to work collaboratively which will benefit them beyond the art classroom and in their eventual working lives. Students will learn how to develop a descriptive and fruitful language through everyday discussion and writing which they will be encouraged to use in other subjects. Along with this, student’s will be encouraged to take pride in their work and the presentation of their work which will benefit them not only in Art but in other subjects too. Student will also have the opportunity to take part in Art Clubs if they so wish.

What ambassador opportunities are available to your child?

Drama lessons support Oracy and language developing clear communication skills to support pupils English, presenting skills and confidence developing them for life beyond school Drama explores themes and issues allowing students to explore situations they may find themselves in, in a safe environment, educating them as a prevention and giving them key knowledge of how to prevent or ask for help if they have concerns.

Drama develops creativity needed in the work place to create new products and ideas as well as being able to think outside the box and problem solve. Within music lessons students not only develop the knowledge and skills that will enable them to have success at KS4 but also life skills that they can carry with them into adulthood.

Music lessons develop creativity, an appreciation of art for art’s sake, an understanding of different cultures, the ability to express themselves and empathise with others.

Art is a highly important subject in developing critical thinking skills that students will carry without them throughout their lives. Students will learn to be empathetic and appreciative of different cultures and artists. Students will develop organisational skills, they will learn how to express themselves both visually and verbally. Students will know that its ok to make mistakes but the importance of being able to analyse and evaluate these mistakes and learn from them.