About the Department

As the department is formed with three native French speakers, the team can offer excellent subject knowledge and we always endeavour to plan interesting, exciting and varied lessons tailored to the needs and abilities of our students. We also aim to maximise their learning, enjoyment and engagement as well as to encourage them to become more independent learners through a consistent approach. This is enabling our students to increase their self-esteem, confidence and motivation as well as raise their cultural and linguistic awareness as well as deepen their understanding of the world around them.

To witness introvert young people, flourish, gain confidence and become more independent learners through our lessons makes our role as educators so much more satisfying and rewarding. As well as being conscientious and committed language teachers, the French team aspires to broaden our students’ cultural horizons.

What will your child learn in year seven?

Students need to be resilient language learners. Within the MFL classroom, we consistently emphasise that it is ok to make mistakes. We believe where students learn is in deciding how they move on from these errors. This open environment allows students to grow in confidence and not feel intimidated in speaking out in front of the class. Opportunities for reflection are built-in at regular intervals, and the curriculum is designed to build students’ independence.

We cover a range of aspects with Year 7 students

· Bienvenue! Greetings - French alphabet – ages – dates - birthdays - saying what’s in your bag

· La rentrée: brothers, sisters and ages - describing a classroom - likes and dislikes - describing yourself & others - saying what you do

· En classe: colours - telling time (12-hour clock) giving opinions on school subjects & saying why - school uniform - school day & compare with a French school

· Mon temps-libre: Weather & seasons - sports you play - activities you do - sports in French-speaking countries - what you like doing & creating an interview

· Ma vie de famille: animals - higher numbers - describing your family - saying where you live - Talking about breakfast - learning about Bastille Day

How can learning progress throughout the classroom?

The languages team provide a wide range of extra-curricular language opportunities to enthuse and motivate the young linguist. From French lunch club and with trips to Paris, France in December, students will be exposed to a culture where languages are alive and easily accessible for all.

The MFL team actively seek to hold whole school activities to raise the language profile- highlighting the importance of language learning in our diverse world that we live in today; celebrating the European Day of Languages through quizzes and challenge. The department aim to work in collaboration with other departments in the school to ensure languages are not seen as an isolated subject just taught within the confines of the MFL classroom.

What ambassador opportunities are available to your child?

Our vision is to inspire our young people to enjoy learning a new language, currently French, and widen their cultural experiences so that they become enthusiastic Modern Foreign Language students who have a solid foundation in their language skills.

In class, we will be practising & developing the 4 skills required in learning a new language; these are: Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing skills, in equal measures - 25% for each skill. To encourage Speaking in class, students will take part in varied Role-Plays throughout the year.