Overview of our House system

Overview of House System at Sanders School.

This document outlines the basic overview and details as to how the House system will be run and linked across many aspects of school life at Sanders.


-To introduce a House System to Sanders school which directly links to our school values and the history of the school and local community.

-All students to be attached to a ‘House’ as a form group - 5 houses across the school and each year. Current form classes will be individual House groups

-Houses to be based on key figures from local community and history - WW2 focus due to our ties to Raimond Sanders Draper and Hornchurch RAF.

-Students to be actively part of the process in terms of voting for house figures - they have undertaken research in RE around the school’s history and local community during WW2. Student voice have also been involved in the development of this.

-All house figures to exemplify our school values of: Teamwork, Hard Work and Transparency

Student leadership and voice (including house captains and representatives) will be closely tied with the House system - we will be relaunching our approach to this alongside the House system in September 2020

Celebration and achievement:

House boards - these will be maintained by the House Captain (Student leadership) who will oversee the following:

  • House Captain
  • House figure - information on and celebration of the house figure - their values and history
  • House statement
  • Weekly house attendance
  • Half termly House student of the term (each year)
  • House info and updates

Competition and rewards will be based on house system - we will be running events throughout the year, ideas include:

  • Sports day
  • Inter house sports competitions
  • Attendance
  • Achievement points
  • Awards evening - house focused awards

Each house will also have a select charity and they will have a day a year to raise money for this charity. We will be focusing on local community based charities and those which link with our history.

We will also be revamping our rewards approach and again this will be linked to the House system and our proud history.