Heads of Year

Year 7 - Mrs Robson

Year 7 is a very important year in the lives of our young people and one in which they need support and guidance. It is my role to ensure the transition from primary through to secondary school is as smooth as possible and our students feel supported and guided through this time. Year 7 is a milestone in any student’s education and one which should be enjoyed and looked forward to.

It is my aim to promote kindness and respect throughout the year group and promote a team ethos in which we work together to achieve whilst promoting a good working environment in order for students to succeed and excel.

My expectations are high and these are conveyed and maintained throughout our journey together in Year 7 in order to ensure that students are ready to continue their journey into Year 8.

You can contact Head of Year 7, Mrs Robson via email: krobson@sandersschool.org.uk

Year 8 - Ms Briggs

Students in Year 8 have spent a year getting familiar with the school and should now be fully equipped to achieve and exceed expectations. Students are familiar with their teachers and peers and are in the best position to role model good behaviour and offer a helping hand to their new Year 7 peers. Students in Year 8 have transitioned to being the youngest in the school to having someone younger than them, looking up to them and following in their footsteps. It is important they are aware of this new responsibility as role models and take pride in it.

My duty is to ensure all students have all the support required to achieve the best they can whilst being happy and comfortable in school. Students in year 8 should look forward to returning to a respectful, positive, stimulating environment where everyone can enjoy learning and achieve greatness!

You can contact Head of Year 8, Ms Briggs via email: bbriggs@sandersschool.org.uk

Year 9 - Mrs Osbourne

It is with great pleasure that I look to transition our students through Year 9.

This important milestone will see many changes start to take hold, including the opportunity for students to develop good learning habits which will stay with them through their education journey.

It is my aim to provide the year group with a calm, stable environment in which they can learn and to ensure that they are ready to progress onto their GCSE studies and Key Stage 4.

My expectations of the students are high, with a huge importance being placed on attitude to learning, attendance, punctuality and behaviour. There have recently been some very targeted form time and assemblies covering the need to build emotional resilience and the non-negotiable requirement of respecting ourselves and those around us.

It is hoped that the students apply these tools and are ready to successfully proceed onto the next step of their school career.

You can contact Head of Year 9, Mrs Osbourne via email: mosbourne@sandersschool.org.uk

Year 10 - Ms Francis

As students enter Year 10 they begin the final stage of the journey towards their GCSEs and I look forward to guiding and supporting them .The students need to apply all the tools and skills they have learnt in the lower years to develop their knowledge in their chosen subjects. It is my role to ensure the students are fully supported and guided in their future plans and studies to achieve their full potential. My aim is to provide a calm,consistent environment and promote teamwork where all students support and respect each other in order for all to progress.

My expectations of students are high and I lay great importance on attendance, punctuality , attitude to learning and behaviour .I believe a consistent approach and positive relations with home are key to students making progress and thriving. I look forward to developing and supporting this cohort to ensure they are confident , resilient and aspire to be their very best .

You can contact Head of Year 10, Ms Francis via email: rfrancis@sandersschool.org.uk

Year 11 - Ms D'Arcy

I am pleased to be able to further develop the supportive relationship with both students and parents as it is essential to work together in order for the students to hear a mutual message of expectations for them to succeed in the future. I have had the pleasure of supporting this cohort on their journey since Year 9. We have built on expectations surrounding progress, attainment, hard work and attendance, to ensure that they will leave Sanders as well-rounded and resilient citizens ready to take on challenges in the wider world. As the students face the added pressures of their GCSEs and the end of their time here at Sanders, I am keen to support them and strive to help Year 11 students raise their Post 16 aspirations, thus giving them every opportunity to succeed at Sixth Form, College or Apprenticeship. I look forward to celebrating their success in the summer.

You can contact Head of Year 11, Ms D’Arcy via email: ad'arcy@sandersschool.org.uk

Year 11 - Mr Britton

My standards and expectations are high within the year group. Year 11 students are currently pursuing their GCSE subjects and are due to finish their school careers very shortly. Following this they will enter a competitive and unforgiving world. I firmly believe that resilience, good principles, and a positive mindset will be the key to their future success. Career choices are also a big focus this year, with all students being offered ample guidance from professional careers advisors. We work hard both inside and outside of the classroom to equip the students with key Interpersonal skills; The ability to reason, negotiate, and communicate effectively. I believe these key skills will underpin the success of these superb young people. These attributes will also play a huge role in enabling the students to work effectively with teachers, associate staff, and peers to facilitate a positive transition into sixth form and college

“A bad hour doesn’t mean it’s a bad day, there is always a way of putting it right”.

You can contact Head of Year 11, Mr Britton via email: cbritton@sandersschool.org.uk